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90% fiction | 10% reality | 100% sarcasm

When Mr. BFF and I started talking again last year, I made him a playlist — as a gift but also as a joke/challenge because his music taste seemed pretty fucked back then — sorry man, you know it was.

So I put a few songs together that I liked…

Last you heard from me I was just hitting up 7 months ago me (now 9 months ago, actually. Shit, time flies!). I know it’s been a while since then, and I guess I just needed some time to rest and live my life for a little bit.

Then today…

Flew by. Felt like a lifetime.

Dear Karol from seven months ago,

Please don’t freak out as I tell you that this Christmas break you just started is not gonna be a quick break at all. To be more precise, you are gonna stay here for exactly 7 months. I know girl, breathe. …

And what happens when they are really good for you

Photo by Dương Hữu on Unsplash

A few days ago, on the first night we finally saw each other again, Mr. BFF and I re-watched The Lake House. Aside from the fact that the story of the movie is absolutely beautiful, it mentions this other story about second chances — about two people who decided to…

You’d come over, right?

It kinda hit me out of the blue. I was browsing through Youtube when I saw it, and I couldn’t help but clicking on it. The song. One of many masterpieces from Julia Michaels and the absolute genius with an angel voice JP Saxe. His…

Fuck it. Also, fuck Corona.

Photo by Jana Sabeth on Unsplash

I lost my grandpa on my mom’ side two months ago. He fought a grueling and, thankfully, short battle against leukemia amidst all this shitshow we call a global pandemic. The last times I saw him we were way into COVID restrictions, so the closest…

And how magical it is

Photo by Ryan Holloway on Unsplash

We had a good thing going lately
Might not have always been a fairy tale
But you know and I know
That they ain’t real
I’ll take the truth over the story

Easily — Bruno Major

“So he’s pretty much perfect for you, then.”

I swear to God, I’m glad…

Scarier than feeling scared, huh?

Photo by Benjamin Wedemeyer on Unsplash

Okay hold on for a second. I know this might actually sound crazy (what here doesn't?), but I think that before I start talking about hope, I need to talk about fear. Most importantly, what fear does to hopeful people.

Listen, I’m a hopeful one. I like to blame it…

And what to do when you can’t have them (?)

I heaved the heaviest sigh of relief, dropped the largest fucking weight I’ve been carrying on my shoulders for months now while I read the news today.

I know life gets in the way sometimes and we gotta whole-heartedly accept how things are in the present. But when there’s light…

About thousand-mile distances

You know when they say a picture is worth a thousand words? Then whenever several words are all placed together in a melody, and we call that a song, that to me is worth a full feature movie.

I live in 2021 now. Duh, Karol. That’s easy, and obvious. But…


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